Jamestown Ferry

The new CD

when the bluebird sings ... (released 2007)

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1. Darcy Farrow
2. Did I Tune My Guitar For This
3. No Regrets
4. Gulf Coast Highway
5. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
6. Bluebird Song
7. Buckets of Rain
8. Morning Glass Of Apple Vinegar
9. Love Is Like A Butterfly
10. Ten To Twelve
11. Dance Hall Saturday Night
12. Whisper Of A Cloud
13.  Bonus Track: Tom Thumb´s Blues Live)
(Maik Wolter & Tom Baumgarte & Matze Roska -
live at the  Kalkscheune 1.6.1998)

to read the critics (sorry - all in German)

Thanks a million to all our guest musicians
who made this recording possible and an
unforgettable experience!!

Kerstin Blodig  vocal, mandolin
Scarlett O´  accordion
Claudy Sky  fiddle
Ian Melrose  acoustic guitar, dobro, low whistle
Nicola Frankl  harmony voc
Bonnie Funke  harmony voc
Thomas Baumgarte  upright bass
Ingolf Kurkowski  drums, dobro, mandolin
Peter Jack  fretless bass, 5-string-banjo
Joe Kucera  saxophone
Alexander Bäricke  mouth harp
André Menzel  lead guitar

... we played a few things ourselves :-):

Doreen Wolter voc, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, mandolin
Maik Wolter voc, acoustic guitar, 5-string-banjo, bowed bass, percussion


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